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Master List for Femgenficathon 2005

I hope the mods don't mind this.

This is the Master List for last year's femgenficathon. I was hospitalized when these stories were posted, so the Master List wasn't compiled last year. But this year's femgenficathon is winding up (though some stories are still pending), and I figured, somewhat belatedly, that if I was going to create a Master List for Femgenficathon 2006, I should do one for 2005 as well.

So here they are--forty-nine gen stories about Potterverse women. I hope that it's okay to post this list here, and I hope that you enjoy the stories.



erised1810 wrote For What It's Worth. Neville will never realise how much of the lost memories he gives back to his mother every time he visits. (Alice, PG)


persephone_kore wrote Boil. The death of Amelia Bones. Fudge said the evidence was that she put up "a real fight." (Amelia Bones, PG)


lareinenoire wrote Putting Away Childish Things. Andromeda Tonks reflects, as she visits her family's home for the final time. (Andromeda, various Blacks, PG-13)


dora_the_nymph wrote Summers at the Cottage. When Narcissa was five her family stayed at the beach for the first time. As she got older and her sisters went to school things changed, but at the beach most things stayed the same. (Narcissa, Bellatrix, Andromeda, PG)


ignipes wrote Much As She Had Lived. "...That's Dorcas Meadowes, Voldemort killed her personally..." (Dorcas Meadowes, PG-13)


corvidae9 wrote Transatlantic Migration. Ginny was charged with a significant task just before the Last Battle that took her far from home. Going back proves to be easy; deciding whether to stay does not. (Ginny, PG)

jezzabe wrote A Black, E White. She envies the roof its simplicity of purpose. (Ginny, PG-13)

magnolia_mama wrote Perils of Fame. It's not easy being married to the most famous wizard in Britain. (Ginny, PG)


churri_arashi wrote Lessons. An offer from the Minister of Magic makes Griselda Marchbanks realize that the world still has a few surprises in store for her. (Griselda Marchbanks, G)


rosefyre wrote The Life - or Death - of Helga Hufflepuff. The choice to die is sometimes better than the choice to live. (Helga, PG)


aconite wrote The Noble And Most Ancient House Of Witches. Twelve months go by a lot faster when she thinks it's all she has left. (Hermione, PG)

aramley wrote I Show Not Your Face. Hermione looks in the Mirror of Erised. (Post-HBP Hermione, G)

archon_mentha wrote The Consequences of Curiosity. Messing around with time travel can be dangerous in more ways than Hermione understands. (Hermione, PG)

imadra_blue wrote Facing Forward. With the events of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince behind her, and the events of the last book in front of her, Hermione has to say good-bye to everything she knows -- even herself. (Hermione, G)

snowballjane wrote A Cornish Encounter. It’s the summer before Hogwarts and Hermione longs to make a start on her studies. (Hermione, G)

thistlerose wrote Careers. Rome wasn't built in a day. (Hermione, PG)


secondsilk wrote Victories Worse than Defeat. Petunia never liked magic, Lily used to like her sister. Four rather important scenes in their lives. (Lily, Petunia, PG-13)

prettyclever wrote Of Heroes and Villains. She might die, but he won't. He can't. And as long as he lives, she lives. James lives. Harry is not going to die. (Lily, PG-13)

wildestranger wrote What You Want. Lily Evans contemplates the wizarding world and her place in it. (Lily, R)


parcae wrote Metric Analogues. Luna believes. (Luna, G)

ranchangrnl wrote Lunar Thoughts. Flipping through a journal can give you an insight on a persons inner thoughts and feelings. What they say may not be what they think. Luna’s journal reveals more about her then even her “friends” may know. (Luna, PG)


snorkackcatcher wrote Not Given Up Yet. Half-blood Slytherin Millicent Bulstrode reflects on her time at Hogwarts, the years of wasted effort she put in trying to be accepted by the popular students of her House, and what she intends to do about it. (Millicent, PG-13)


laurus_nobilis wrote Determination. Minerva takes care of the school while Dumbledore is gone. (Set in CoS; no spoilers for HBP.) (McGonagall, G)

limyaael wrote The Way Out. McGonagall’s first Animagus transformation is...unexpected. A look at why the Head of Gryffindor might be a cat. (McGonagall, PG)


amberthefool wrote Untitled. Myrtle tries to block out the whispers, but they keep coming back. (Myrtle, PG)

jadis31 wrote Not A Classic Ghost Story. Myrtle has trouble moving on.


elucreh wrote Proud of Him. Never teach a child what you would not want him to know as an adult. (Molly, Charlie, G)

nagasvoice wrote An Invisible Strength. In the middle of a war, Molly finds it useful to seem to be vague and harmless, while keeping her strengths hidden. (Molly, McGonagall, PG)

rubytuesday1313 wrote Bitter News to Hear. "What if You-Know-Who had got you, and the last thing I ever said to you was that you didn't get enough O.W.L.s?" (Molly, AU, PG-13)


a_t_rain wrote The Opposite of Secrets. During Harry’s seventh year, Luna Lovegood and Susan Bones uncover a secret that two of the Founders left behind. (Helga, Rowena, Luna and Susan, G)

livii wrote oh it was a funny little thing, to be, the ones, to have seen. Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones. Sorted one after each other, careful as you please. (Hannah, Susan, PG-13)

snegurochka_lee wrote Five Dead Women. Five vignettes, seemingly unrelated and featuring diverse Potterverse women, explore the link between these women that will answer the question: why are five of them dead? (Mrs. Lovegood, Tonks, Emmeline Vance, Minerva McGonagall, Lily Evans, Hermione Granger, others, R)


nextian wrote Snowdrops and Violets. Narcissa Black steps into adulthood. (Narcissa, G)

pen_and_umbra wrote A First-Class Follower. Narcissa didn't worry about her sister because she knew her so very well; Bellatrix would come after her, as she always did. (Narcissa, Bellatrix, PG-13)

tangleofthorns wrote Sea Change. None of the usual omens tell Narcissa when her life is about to begin. (Narcissa, various Blacks and Malfoys, PG-13)

texasmagic wrote A Mother Knows. Narcissa has always been skilled at keeping things hidden, but now it appears as if she might have taught Draco too well. (Narcissa, G)

vaguely_dirty wrote Vanity. Sometimes, the one thing that we seek to protect will lead us down paths we'd rather not take. (Narcissa, R)


furiosity wrote Where There Is Smoke. Good intentions are overrated. (Pansy, PG)


incognito wrote A Shattered Green Teacup. There's a chip in the cup, and Lily says it's perfect. Petunia thinks she must be right – she always is. (Petunia, PG-13)

lazy_neutrino wrote Roses. The past is another country. (Petunia, Lily, PG)

minerva_fan wrote Dreams Crashing on a Spotless Kitchen Floor. She wakes in the middle of night, screaming. With a single spell, Petunia Dursley's life is changed, and the dream-turned-nightmare she put out with his help seventeen years earlier returns with a vengeance. (Petunia, Arabella Figg, PG-13)

rosie_red73 wrote Through the Eyes of Others. When the wizarding world is exposed, Petunia finds herself in the midst of a tabloid scandal. (Petunia, PG)


refche wrote The Magicians. Everything is an illusion just waiting to be crafted. Four Ravenclaws connected in secret by smoke and mirrors. (Lisa Turpin, Mandy Brocklehurst, Padma Patil, Su Li, G)


nokomis305 wrote A Plain Wooden Box. Susan accepts her inheritance. (Susan Bones, PG)


alliterator wrote Of Fantasy, Of Dreams, and Ceremony. Sybill Trelawny woke up like she woke up most days: hung over. (Trelawney, G)


b2wm wrote Fool's Law. Ready? Deep breath in. Lengthen your spine, raise your heels, and lean forward. Hold your arms back to prevent yourself from falling. No, not ready. Never ready, little fool. Laugh, and maybe you can fly as you fall. And you thought your first job interview was rough... PG. (Tonks, Moody, PG)

moonlitwoods wrote With Distinction. Tonks takes the final test to become an Auror. (Tonks, G)


cygna_hime wrote Her Greatest Undertaking. The new Professor Umbridge looks out over her students and plans her year. (Umbridge, G)

slinkiestumble wrote Trade. Dolores Umbridge in three stages: the start, the rise and the momentary fall. (Umbridge, PG)
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