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mod post: applications are now closed

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. This application period is over; we will be opening another application period later in the year.

We are happy to announce that omniocular is now accepting applications for membership. The current application period will be open from April 13th to May 15th.

omniocular is a community for writers and artists of quality gen Harry Potter stories and artwork. Our one requirement is that romance and sex are not the focus of any work showcased here; beyond that, we welcome stories and artwork in any genre or style, about any characters or eras. If you have questions about what we mean by "gen," please read the community information or take a look at what has been posted on the community previously.

We welcome applications from anybody interested in creating gen fiction and art, and we base our decision entirely upon the quality of the work linked in the application. We ask that you provide links to at least two gen works you have already completed. You are, of course, welcome to submit work you have done for our monthly challenges as part of your application.

Please note that if you are applying as both a writer and an artist, we would like links to works of both types. We may consider the fiction and art aspects of your application separately. We strongly encourage all applicants to carefully proofread the work you plan to submit, and preferably to use a beta-reader. We will not consider work that is riddled with errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Because the applications are all read thoroughly by the mods and the scouts, it may be a while before you hear back from us. Don't worry. We will give you an answer before long.

To apply for membership, simply fill out the application below and either email it to us as omnio_mods @ or leave it in a comment on this post. All comments are screened. If you would like to suggest someone else for membership, please comment here with the person's name and a few links to his or her work.

Application for Acceptance

LJ username:
Preferred name, if different from above:
Are you applying as a writer or artist or both?:
Please provide links to at least 2 gen fics or works of art you have completed:

The following questions are for information purposes only and will not affect your acceptance to the community:

Favorite characters:
Favorite genres, styles, or eras:
Are you interested in becoming a scout for the community?:
(Optional for artists) Please provide links to 3-5 favorite gen fics:
(Optional for writers) Please provide links to 3-5 favorite gen pieces of art:


Please list your three favorite gen writers or artists:

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to ask us on this post or via email at omnio_mods @

We look forward to receiving and reading your applications, and we hope to welcome many new members to the community soon!
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