snorkackcatcher (snorkackcatcher) wrote in omniocular,

[Fic] To Dwell In Dreams (Dumbledore, Snape, G)

Title: To Dwell In Dreams
Author: snorkackcatcher
Rating: G
Length: 1000 words approx
Summary: There is danger in dwelling on past mistakes.
Warnings: SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows
Author's note: Prompted by a question JKR was asked in a recent interview.

One glimpse was his undoingCollapse )
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Beautiful, sad and touching. And very, very fitting. The world needs more Dumbledore fic like this. More Snape fic like this, too!
Thank you! Glad it seemed apt.
Very well written. Your portrayal of Dumbledore seems spot on to me after recent events. Liked the references to the Hallows with appearannce of the Elder Wand and the way that both Snape and Dumbledore are seen to covet the Resurrection Stone. And the fact that DD recognizes that they are both unfit to wield it properly.
And the Snape angle! Oh dear god! For some reason it brought me to the verge of tears and that was all I could think of commenting about initially. It must be the sense of loss and bitterness of having something so close but beyond reach that rings true to me. Damn you! Now I'll be under my depressed!cloud as I think of Snape and a life left wanting. I do mean that in a good way - well as good as it gets, I suppose.
Thanks -- if a story gets such a reaction, even an unfortunate one, that's a real compliment -- but sorry too!

When I saw JKR was asked the question about what Snape would see in the Mirror, I wondered when he could have done so, and this scenario came to mind -- there did seem to be a number of parallels between Dumbledore and Snape and how they might react to the Mirror and the Hallows.

Deleted comment

Aaaa! That was inspired. How sad he must feel whenever he sees a Molly-knit jumper, etc.
Thank you! You know, I hadn't consider the Weasley jumpers, but you're right.
That was beautiful. I'm very excited that I've finally been able to read the book, and I'm trying to process still... but I think you did a great job.

There was one typo that I caught, in the final paragraph, spun instead of span perhaps?
Thank you! Glad you liked it. Hmm ... I think you may be right about the spun/span.
I had it in my head, for some reason (perhaps because there was so much play with that mirror in the Room of Requirement in the OotP film, which isn't like me as I'm usually pretty good at keeping film & books separately) that the Mirror of Erised was going to return in DH. And then of course it didn't. This makes me all the more glad to read this. The Dumbledore-Snape relationship I find even more fascinating post DH, and this fic investigates it beautifully.
Thanks -- it's always been an interesting relationship to explore, I just never tried before! And I have to get round to seeing the OotP film sometime soon before it finishes in my local cinema. :)
Why are all the most awesome post-DH fics heartbreaking? And this is another one. Wow. I echo all the commenters who said it was brilliant how you worked in the socks. I'd been wondering about that myself, and your suggestion makes so much sense.
Thanks -- I'd tried to work in the socks before DH, and this seemed to fit. DH itself just had a number of heartbreaking themes people like to explore, I guess!
Oh, I loved this! And I loved the parellel between Snape and Dumbledore, that they both loved people that they couldn't protect. I didn't even think of that. So Dumbledore was almost telling Harry the truth about what he saw in the mirror! Wonderful job.
Thank you -- yes, the truth if not the whole truth! JKR does offer us a number of interesting parallels sometimes.
Wow that was perfect. Lovely, clear writing (especially that last phrase--it hurts in a good way) and what a beautiful idea. I wish I could say something more detailed but really I just loved this!
Thank you very much -- I'm glad you liked this, and that the last line was effective. :)
Brilliant, really brilliant.
Thank you.

Deleted comment

Thank you very much!
Awww. This is lovely - bittersweet, but lovely. I like the parallels between Dumbledore and Snape and, like everyone else said, the lastparagraph is just great.
Thank you very much -- the parallels were just irresistible when I thought of them. :)
Oh, the socks! That's brilliant - and heart breaking on both Dumbledore and Snape's accounts.

And it would be very like Dumbledore to tell Harry something that was true, and yet misleading ("I shall not, of course, lie")
Thank you. Yes, Dumbledore does have 'form' on this, doesn't he? :)
Ah that was brilliant! Nice to see DH canon earlier in the HP timeline. I do love that his sister knitted, so fitting of course. So lovely and sad.
Thank you very much!
This is beautifully done; tying together what we know now with something from so long ago. I think you've captured both men so well.
(Glad I stumbled on this. You posted it while I was still reading DH and staying off the Web.)
Thank you very much!
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