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january challenge: spells, jinxes, curses, and charms

Happy New Year and welcome to omniocular's January Challenge!

The theme of this month's challenge is magic. Whether it's spells, jinxes, curses, and charms, the Harry Potter books wouldn't even be the Harry Potter books if it weren't for the magic, and Ms. Rowling has packed quite a lot of it into the pages.

We have collected below a list of spells and charms that exist in the magical world. (Look here for more information on any of them.) To participate in this challenge, all you have to do is claim a spell and write a story or create a piece of art incorporating it in some significant way. The piece doesn't have to be about the spell, but it does need to contain more than a passing mention to your chosen bit of magic. Lessons, prank wars, daring escapes, everyday tasks, magical innovation, healing procedures, or turning various body parts to jelly for no apparent reason: there are no end of the exciting things one can do with a bit of magic.

Stories and artwork of all genres and styles are welcome, from drabbles to epics, about any characters or eras within the HP world. The one restriction is that the work can not focus on romantic of sexual relationships; if you are unsure of what this means feel free to ask, or peruse what has been posted on the community in the past for a better idea.

The challenge is open to both members and non-members. Members can post their work at any time according to the posting guidelines; non-members should post their work in their own journal and provide us a link in a comment on this post or via email at omnio_mods @

Each participant can claim one or two spells from the list below, and each spell can be claimed only once. To sign up, leave a comment on this post with your claim. If you claim two prompts, you can include both in the same piece or create a different piece for each of them.

Spells, Jinxes, Curses, and Charms

1. Accio
2. Aguamenti claimed by iulia_linnea
3. Alohomora
4. Anapneo
5. Animagus Transfiguration
6. Anti-Apparition
7. Anti-Cheating spell
8. Anti-Disapparition Jinx
9. Anti-gravity mist
10. Aparecium
11. Apparition
12. Atmospheric Charm
13. Avada Kedavra claimed by noticeably
14. Avis

15. Babbling Curse
16. Backfiring Jinx
17. Banishing Charm
18. Bat-Bogey Hex
19. Bedazzling Hex
20. Blasting Curse
21. Body-Bind Curse
22. bond of blood
23. Braking Charm
24. Bubble-Head Charm

25. Caterwauling Charm
26. Cave Inimicum
27. Cheering Charm
28. Colloportus
29. Confringo
30. Confundo
31. Conjunctivitis Curse
32. Cross-Species Switches
33. Cruciatus Curse claimed by insanguinare_x
34. Curse of the Bogies
35. Cushioning Charm

36. Dark Mark
37. Deletrius
38. Defodio
39. Densaugeo
40. Deprimo
41. Descendo
42. Diffindo
43. Disapparate
44. Disarming Charm
45. Disillusionment Charm
46. Dissendium
47. Drought Charm
48. Duro

49. Engorgement Charm
50. Ennervate
51. Entrail-Expelling Curse
52. Entrancing Enchantments
53. Episkey
54. Erecto
55. Evanesco
56. Expecto Patronum claimed by fell_beast2
57. Expelliarmus
58. Expulso
59. Extension Charm, Undetectable
60. Extinguishing Spell

61. Ferula
62. Fidelius Charm
63. Fiendfyre
64. Finite
65. Finite Incantatem
66. Flagrante Curse
67. Flagrate
68. Flame-Freezing Charm
69. Four-Point Spell
70. Freezing Charm
71. Full Body-Bind
72. Furnunculus

73. Geminio
74. Glisseo
75. Gripping Charm
76. Growth Charm
77. Gubraithian fire

78. Hair-thickening Charm
79. Hex-Deflection
80. Homenum revelio
81. Homorphus Charm
82. Horton-Keitch Braking Charm claimed by marginaliana
83. Hover Charm
84. Hurling Hex

85. Impedimenta
86. Imperius Curse claimed by afterthree
87. Imperturbable Charm
88. Inanimatus Conjurus
89. Incarcerous
90. Incendio
91. Invisibility Charm

92. Jelly-Brain Jinx
93. Jelly-Fingers Curse
94. Jelly-Legs Jinx
95. knee-reversing hex
96. knitting charm

97. Langlock
98. Legilimens
99. Leg-Locker Curse
100. Levicorpus
101. Levitation Charm
102. Liberacorpus
103. Locomotor
104. Locomotor Mortis
105. Lumos claimed by purpleygirl

106. Memory Charm
107. Memory Modifying Charm
108. Meteolojinx Recanto
109. Mobiliarbus
110. Mobilicorpus
111. Mors Mordre
112. Muffliato
113. Muggle-Repelling Charm

114. Nox claimed by jennytork
115. Obliteration Charm
116. Obliviate
117. Occlumency
118. Oppugno
119. Orchideous

120. Pack
121. Patronus Charm claimed by purpleygirl
122. Permanent Sticking Charm
123. Peskipiksi Pesternomi
124. Petrificus Totalus
125. Point Me
126. Portus
127. Prior Incantato
128. Protean Charm
129. Protego
130. Protego horribilis
131. Protego totalum

132. Quietus
133. Reducio
134. Reducto
135. Relashio
136. Rennervate
137. Reparo
138. Repelling Spell
139. Repello Muggletum
140. Revulsion Jinx
141. Rictusempra
142. Riddikulus

143. Salvio hexia
144. Scarpin's Revelaspell claimed by snorkackcatcher
145. Scourgify
146. Scouring Charm
147. Sectumsempra claimed by chiralove
148. Serpensortia
149. Severing Charm
150. Shield Charm
152. Shock Spell
153. Silencing Charm
154. Slug-vomiting Charm
155. Sonorus
156. Specialis Revelio
157. Sponge-Knees Curse
158. Stealth Sensoring Spell
159. Stinging Hex
160. Stretching Jinx
161. Stunner
162. Stupefy
163. Substantive Charm
164. Summoning Charm
165. Supersensory Charm
166. Switching Spell

167. Taboo
168. Tarantallegra
169. Tergeo
170. Thief's Curse
171. Thief's Downfall
172. Tickling Charm
173. toenail-growing hex
174. Tongue-Tying Curse
175. Transmogrifian Torture
176. Trip Jinx
177. Twitchy Ears Hex

178. Unbreakable Charm
179. Unbreakable Vow
180. Vanishing Spell
181. Waddiwasi
182. Wingardium Leviosa

The challenge will be open until January 31. Enjoy!
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