January 23rd, 2006

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January Challenge Fic

Title: Moonshine
Pirate Perian (c'est moi!)
Rating: G
Length: 1359
Summary: Luna Lovegood has questions.
Author's Note: For the January Challenge: my characters are Luna and Remus. Lucky me, says I! Feedback greatly appreciated. Also, hello to the community, as it's my first time posting here!

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Non-member January Challenge Submission

Title: Two-Faced
Author: cariad2
Rating: G
Length: 698
Summary: Arthur Weasley has a dark side few get to see.

Two-Faced is a nice little "missing moment" scene from HPB that explores a side of Arthur Weasley that we rarely see in canon when a chance meeting in the halls brings him together with the girl indirectly responsible for Ron's poisoning.

The story is posted in cariad2's journal.

(Arthur Weasley was furious.)
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January Challenge Fic: Death and Precedence (Barty, Jr, PG-13)

Title: Death and Precedence
Author: starrysummer
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Barty Crouch, Jr (Tom Riddle)
Summary: It occurs to him, as he watches the freeze-frame fading-morning paper, the silenced wail of battlecry and his father's smiling face, that there is no good and bad now. There is only death and legal precedent.
Word Count: ~1300
Author's Notes: For the January Roulette at omniocular. Characters chosen were Barty Crouch, Jr. and Tom Marvolo Riddle. The latter isn't quite so physically present, but he's definitely a consideration in this. ;) Professor Viridian is a nod to the fabulous Crouch (among others) fic, 1975 by narcissam. Much thanks to anjenue for beta-reading this for me.

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