January 25th, 2006

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Non-member January Challenge Submission

Title: Curse
Author: quietliban
Rating: PG (murder, vague drug references)
Word Count: ~12,000 words
Summary: A murder mystery in four parts; involving professional quidditch, aurors, drugs, a pregnant woman, reporters and of course, a curse.

Not only gen, but also genre! This submission for the January challenge is a murder mystery featuring Marcus Flint, Roger Davies, and a host of other characters, including several nicely done OCs.

The fic is posted on quietliban's journal.

(Some call death the long sleep.)
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two non-member january challenge submissions

Title: The New School Year
Author: sea_of_tethys
Rating: G
Length: 1900 words approx.
Characters: Filius Flitwick and the Whomping Willow
Summary: As special preparations are made for a new student at Hogwarts, Filius reflects on the past and the future.

Using the planting of the Whomping Willow as a starting point, this story is a wonderful character sketch of Professor Flitwick as prepares to become Head of Ravenclaw House, with insight into his life as a part-goblin wizard and his place at Hogwarts.

( Filius strolled across the grounds to where they were planting the new tree. )

Title: Solidarity
Author: bribitribbit
Rating: PG
Length: 1017
Characters: Theodore Nott and Justin Finch-Fletchley
Summary: The only way anyone's going to win this stupid war is if people stop assuming Slytherins are essentially bad and that the children of Death Eaters are the clones of their parents.

A meeting in the Hogwarts library shows how two students caught up in the current troubles might put aside the prejudices of their parents' generation. Well-characterized and realistic, this story is a brief, interesting alternate point-of-view to the events happening in canon.

( Theodore Nott, or Theo as he calls himself, wanders down the hall towards the library. )