February 21st, 2006

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Art: Good Morning, Harry & fanart for Abide the Sleeper

Title: Good Morning, Harry!
Artist: elinevere
Rating: G
Subject(s): Harry
Medium: Open Canvas
Warnings: None
Artist's note: This is a feel good drawing that seemed to directly jump from my mind onto the screen a few days ago. ;)

Good Morning!

Title: Abide the Sleeper
Artist: elinevere
Rating: R
Subject(s): Peter Pettigrew and a bit of Fenrir Greyback...
Medium: Open Canvas
Warnings: Blood and Gore!
Artist's note: Fanart for Abide the Sleeper, by furiosity and imadra_blue for the Big Bang challenge.

Peter held out his silver hand, eyes wild. He crushed the heart, watching wide-eyed as blood ran down his arm, and then dropped it to the ground...

[fic] somewhat lighter sympathy (PG-13; OC, Harry)

Title: Somewhat Lighter Sympathy
Author: Hijja
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: disturbing content
Wordcount: ~6500 words
Summary: Taking advice from the Evil Overlord Guidebook, Lord Voldemort hires a Muggle professional to take care of the Boy-Who-Lived once and for all.
Note: I'm indebted to chthonya for the beta, to waterbird for sorting out the ending, and to beren_writes for the plot inspiration. Written before HBP.

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