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June 2007 - omniocular
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by omniocular:

10:57 am: ignipes non-member may challenge submission
11:30 am: paulamcg FIC: Better Stick Together (Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin, G) - 8 comments
03:06 pm: ignipes may wizard of the month challenge master list - 4 comments

10:41 am: ignipes june challenge: mentors - 24 comments

04:57 pm: incapricious fic: Always Too Late (Neville, Dumbledore, PG) - 4 comments
06:17 pm: snegurochka_lee Fic: Five Stories about Gwenog Jones (PG-13) - 45 comments

01:35 am: lareinenoire [fic] The First of November (AU, PG13) - 19 comments
11:59 am: archon_mentha [FIC:] The Changeling (Voldemort, Ginny, Draco, Harry) R - 13 comments
01:46 pm: ignipes non-member june challenge submission

01:13 am: yet_endlike Fic: By the Ebb of All Time (Auror Savage, PG-13)
08:54 am: sasha_davidovna January 2006 Challenge Non-member Submission

12:17 pm: ignipes non-member june challenge submission

03:56 pm: orange_bastard 2 Hagrid drawings - 34 comments
09:16 pm: ignipes non-member june challenge submission

10:36 pm: akissinacrisis FIC: 'Tread Softly' (Harry, the Weasleys, PG-13) - 2 comments

02:29 am: alyxbradford FIC: Three (Voldemort, Bellatrix, PG13) [June 2007 Challenge Submission] - 3 comments