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I was raised the old-fashioned way

August Challenge: Looking In

Eloise Midgen. Eldred Worple. Confused Muggle Bystander #12.

Welcome to omniocular's August challenge! This month is all about minor character and outsider POVs. How you use them is up to you. Perhaps you'd like to explore a scene or event from canon from an unusual perspective, perhaps you've always been intrigued by one of the thousands of little tidbits of character backstory Rowling has left scattered throughout her novels, school books, and other works, perhaps you just love creating OCs. As long as the story or artwork is told from the POV of a minor or outside character and does not focus on romance, you're good to go!

We will leave what exactly constitutes a "minor" or "outside" POV mostly up to your judgment, since there is room for interpretation. Severus Snape, for example, does not constitute a minor character by any definition of the term, but there are circumstances in which he could be considered an outsider POV.

There is no need to make a claim or sign up for this challenge. When you're ready to post, simply do so according to the posting guidelines if you are a member. Non-members, post the fic or art to your own journal and comment here with the link.

You are welcome to share previously written fics or artwork as long as they meet the terms of the challenge. The challenge will close August 31st, and a masterlist of entries will be posted on September 1st.

Have fun!
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