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April Challenge: Non-Fiction Fest Claims Post

Claims for the Non-Fiction Fest are now open!

As always, both members and non-members are welcome to claim prompts. We ask that you please claim only one prompt at a time; however, you may claim as many as you can do over the course of the month. If you wish, you can claim your own prompt.

Each prompt may be claimed only once.

We also invite both members and non-members to submit entries for the Fest that are not based on any of the prompts, if you have an idea that does not appear on the list of claims.

As always, gen stories and artwork of any length, size, rating, genre subject, and style are welcome. Members: You may post your work at any time according to the posting guidelines. Non-members: Please post your work in your own journal, then comment here or send us an email at omnio_mods @ yahoo.com with a link and we will post a link on the community.

The Fest will end April 30th and a masterlist of entries will be posted May 1st.

ETA: Collaborations between artists and writers or between writers or artists are welcome.

ETA (4/1/2007): Added links to completed claims.

The Claims

1. Weird Sisters cover art (how do wizards listen to music? Records? Charmed figurines?)

2. Observations from the Forbidden Forest, by Firenze

3. A design for the replacement statue in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic

4. Some of the best (or worst) of Toadstool Tales, by Beatrix Bloxam
"A series of children's' books now banned in the wizarding world because they have been found to cause nausea, sometimes to the point of actual vomiting."
- Claimed by spitefire (link)

5. A review of Malecrit's Hélas, j'ai Transfiguré mes Pieds (Alas, I Have Transfigured My Feet) (and the playwright's response, if desired) - Claimed by apey1013 (link)

6. Excerpts from various sources (letters, textbooks, interviews, magazine articles, authorized and unauthorized biographies) about the Dark Lord Grindelwald. - Claimed by gehayi

7. Chocolate Frog Cards from ten years after the fall of Voldemort (so ones with Harry, Hermione, Snape, etc)

8. Reports, letters, complaints, etc. about Tom Riddle that were sent to the matron of his orphanage. - Claimed by by_starkiller (link)

9. Coats of arms and family mottos for prominent wizarding families - Claimed by mocking (link)

10. Interviews by Eldred Worple for his book (Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires)

11. The most current edition of Prefects Who Gained Power. What does it have to say about Tom Riddle and how little they knew of his accomplishments after Hogwarts. Percy Weasley too, perhaps.

12. The preface to one of Gilderoy Lockhart's books, written by the author himself - Claimed by penelope_weaver

13. Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes: the new catalogue! - Claimed by xylodemon (link)

14. An excerpt from Hairy Snout, Human Heart - Claimed by underlucius (link)

15. Excerpts from the Muggle Studies text - Claimed by yodels and incapricious

16. Voldemort, selected speeches - Claimed by spessartine (link)

17. Guide to drawing a wizarding portrait (step by step process)

18. Chapter 7 of Bill Weasley's memoir Curses! Foiled Again!: The Curse of Princess Ankhenesmerire

19. Rita Skeeter's My Life as a Reporter or How I Got the Real Scoop Baby!

20. Unauthorised bios of Lucius Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, The Black Family History(unembellished), Cornelius Fudge and Nicholas Flamel. Done in the style of Kitty Kelley would be good.

21. An adverts page in the Daily Prophet or another media

22. An extract from an accounting book of a small wizarding business or something like this. I mean, not only columns of Galleons and Sickles but where and what was ordered, how delivered, the conditions of the goods etc, maybe including their mail

23. Quidditch catalogue

24. The History of the Triwizard Tournament

25. Fan letters to the Weird Sisters

26. Kwik-Spell lessons

27. Kwik-Spell advertisements

28. Catalogue of wizarding toys and board games (not from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)

29. The Personal Column of the Quibbler - Claimed by zoepaleologa

30. Selected illustrations from The Monster Book of Monsters - Claimed by akusai

31. Reports or foreign papers about an economic war: flying carpets vs flying brooms, how England gets to protect his market

32. Art detailing the editions of wizard currency

33. Harry Potter: The Unauthorised Biography

34. The inner regulations of Gringotts: rules, Goblin laws, economy textbooks applying to the interaction of Muggle and Wizarding currencies, cursebreaking tools, etc.

35. Tom Riddle's diary - Claimed by lareinenoire

36. Some sort of "mother's diary," you know, a thing a mother writes day by day, accounting for the events of their child's life and growing. The child (either of): Draco, Hermione, Weasley twins, Seamus Finnigan, Tonks - Claimed by _hannelore

37. Hermione's homework planner - Claimed by baruchan

38. Madam Pomfrey's diary, with tips on magical healing

39. An anti-Muggle tract published by the Knights of Walpurgis - Claimed by eponis

40. To-do lists, written at a certain character at different times of his/her life - Claimed by meredith_eats

41. The "Which Wizard" entry for Rupert "Axebanger" Brookstanton

42. Court proceedings of the Wizengamot

43. Comparison of excerpts from the diaries of Narcissa Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson during their sixth years at Hogwarts - Claimed by slytherincesss

44. The draft version of Lockhart's biography, co-authored by Gilderoy and Hermione (or similar pedant [most of the time] about things truthful) ==> a field day with strike-outs or 'track changes.' :)

45. 6th Year Potions - The Half-Blood Prince's copy.

46. End of year reports for the kids - Claimed by dbassassin (link)

47. A History of the Wizarding World.

48. Contract for employment of a teacher at Hogwarts (including salary, benefits, expectations, code of conduct, etc) - Claimed by penknife (link) (link)

49. A chapter from a book about magical history discussing the Goblin Rebellions--including why the Goblins rebel so frequently.

50. Prospectuses for Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons

51. A handbook about Muggles written by Arthur Weasley

52. Sybill Trelawney's written application of the post of Divination Professor.

53. Dear Parent or Guardian: letters from Dumbledore or Heads of House to parents explaining their children's escapades/injuries at school. (e.g. telling the Grangers exactly how their daughter ended up in the Hospital Wing in OotP.) - Claimed by shaggydogstail (link)

54. Snape's detention or point deduction list for all Hogwarts students. Possibly includes names, houses and reason for detention or point deduction. I.e. Susan Bones. Hufflepuff. Sniveling. 30 pts. - Claimed by bewarethesmirk

55. The Twelve Uses of Dragon's Blood by Albus Dumbledore

56. A scholarly catfight between wizarding academics, consisting of increasingly nasty reviews of one another's books and such (Snape vs. Karkaroff would be very interesting indeed) - Claimed by das_kabinett and 39th_year (collaboration)

57. Introduction to The Invisible Book of Invisibility - Claimed by snorkackcatcher (link)

58. (possibly graphic) A tapestry of a great moment in Wizarding history (pre-1981), with a short, museum-like explanation of its weaver, assumed date of origin, what it portrays, what it may have symbolized to the weaver, and/or contemporary and historical reactions to its interpretation of the event in question. One can of course include other details as well.

59. Hogwarts: A History. Chapter Two: The Architectural principle of interwoven spell-work in stone constructions, as applied by the Founders in the Great Hall.

60. Durmstrang: A History (esp. chapter re the teaching of DADA, or DA...?)

61. The preface to Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy

62. Paperwork associated with the Triwizard Tournament, including the agreement the School Heads signed

63. Illustrations or text from a home decorating magazine spread on 12 Grimmauld Place or other Wizarding domicile - Claimed by seaislewitch and perselus (collaboration) (link)

64. A booklet owned by Lily Evans Potter entitled "How to Plan a Traditional Wizarding Wedding" - Claimed by ladywolfstar

65. Molly Weasley's Homecooking for Beginners - Claimed by lewlinx (link)

66. A wizarding booklet for the future mothers written by a professional wizarding midwife: spells, potions, traditions to observe and such - Claimed by summerborn

67. Excerpts from a book on childcare

68. "House-Elf Punishment Guide." Foreword written by Lucius Malfoy. - Claimed by shiv5468 (link)

69. The manual for Sirius's bike - claimed by lls_mutant

70. Owner's manuals for various items from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes (possibly for items sold in the "adult" section)

71. The Anarchists' Death Eaters' Cookbook

72. Marauders' Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything... and Girls. Possibly found in Hogwarts' library or Room of Requirement. - Claimed by lisabird

73. A script of a wedding ceremony of characters of your choice as if written by a professional wizarding ceremonymeister

74. A History of the Black Family

75. Cover of The Quibbler with headlines and teasers

76. A how-to-defuse Dark Artifacts handbook

77. Blueprints and/or floorplans of 12 Grimmauld Place - Claimed by tradescant (link)

78. Notices of emergency procedures (e.g. in case of fire, burns, stings etc) to be found in either the Potions dungeon or the Herbology greenhouse. - Claimed by maeglinyedi (link)

79. Peter Pettigrew's Obituary - Claimed by troubleinchina

80. An advertisement for the post of defense Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts, Harry's 7th year

81. Letters to the editor of The Quibbler

82. Teaching plans from a lesson in canon - Claimed by lazy_neutrino

83. A sample of poetry from Sonnets of a Sorcerer, the book that cursed all of its readers to speak in limericks for the rest of their lives ;)

84. The Obituary column from the Daily Prophet

85. Accounts of Stan Shunpike's arrest and detention from the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler.

86. The Quibbler's "Rotfang Conspiracy" article

87. Alastor Moody's Advice for Young Aurors

88. Eyes Only Auror File #672: Lord Voldemort's Travel Log: From Constantinople to Cairo - Claimed by lightpoint

89. The Werewolf Code of Conduct - Claimed by hibernater (link)

90. The latest catalogue from Borgin and Burkes

91. Some of Filch's punishment records (preferably for someone other than MWPP).

92. Transcript of Snape's Trial before the Wizengamot after the first war

93. Contents of the Malfoy estate, as catalogued by Aurors - Claimed by furiosity (link)

94. Some full-page plates of a magical herbarium

95. Ministry Auror Application Form

96. Dumbledore's obituary in the Daily Prophet

97. Filch's complete list of banned items (numbers 437 objects as of GoF)

98. Transcripts of the Inquest into what happened at the Quidditch World Cup.

99. Sirius's pardon.

100. Lucius and Narcissa's wedding invitation (probably art more than fic) - Claimed by eliathanis (link)

101. Walden McNair's official report on how he managed to lose an entire Hippogriff which he was supposed to be executing.

102. Eyes Only Auror File #673: Borgin and Burkes Safety Deposit Box care of one 'T.M. Riddle'.

103. Azkaban Employees Handbook, on regulations

104. Minutes of a Hogwarts staff meeting (any era) - Claimed by ignipes

105. Healer's notes on St. Mungo's patient(s) - Claimed by aolanispylaris

106. Those pet care/encyclopedia type books (e.g.: "The encyclopedia of the cat" that gives history of the animal, popular breed profiles, general pet care and sometimes breeding / genetic info). One of these but for a magical creature such as a Kneezle, Dragon or Hippogriff.

107. Extracts from the Muggle Studies textbook

108. The Goblin Manifesto

109. Eyes Only Auror File #569: Case History: The Grindelwald Crime Wave 1930-1945

110. A chapter about Muggles, their history or their inventions from the Muggle Studies textbook.

111. The notice board in Hogwarts (art more than fiction, I think) - Claimed by dizilla

112. Minutes from a Meeting of the Order of the Phoenix - Claimed by lbbeck

113. An excerpt from a Lockhart book - Claimed by vanya_elda

114. Question cards from the wizarding edition of Trivial Pursuit

115. Transcript of Wireless color commentary on the Triwizard Tournament

116. A collection of Hogwarts graffiti

117. Clerk's notes about Lucius Malfoy's Trial (after the first war) - Claimed by virginia_bell

118. A book of wizarding conspiracy theories

119. A recruitment pamphlet for the Knights of Walpurgis - Claimed by dazzleberry

120. A Wizarding joke book, to include such atrocities as:
Q: What kind of witch can you eat? A: A sandwich.
Q: Where was Merlin when the candles went out? A: In the dark.

121. Case files from the Australian Auror Bureau on the rash of kangaroo killings in the late 70's (see the Lexicon timeline)

122. An excerpt from Death Omens: What To Do When You Know The Worst Is Coming

123. History of the Ancient Wizarding World (with emphasis on the four founders and Merlin) - Claimed by eudaimon (link)

124. Severus Snape's DADA OWL

125. A REALLY dark Dark Arts book, that includes information on how to create a Horcrux (as well as whatever other atrocities you can come up with) - Claimed by hibernater (link)

126. (Form?)Letters from all the Heads of Houses sent to the parents, welcoming the students to the House, and what will be expected of them (and of course "why our house is superiour to the others, and why the student was selected) - Claimed by plumerri (link)

127. A guide to wizarding Diseases & Ailments

128. "The Ballad of Merlin's Mount", by Celestina Warbeck (music optional) - Claimed by a_t_rain (link)

129. A full and detailed map of Hogsmeade village, circa 1975

130. The Illustrated Guide to Dragon Dung and Its Many Exciting Uses

131. Commentary for the October 15, 1983 Quidditch match between the Wimbourne Wasps and the Holyhead Harpies (which lasted a total of twenty-one minutes, in the pouring rain)

132. The warning label from a vial of Ministry-issue Veritaserum - Claimed by incapricious (link)

133. The Wizarding Worst Case Scenario Guide

134. The notes of a psychiatrist sitting in on a class at Hogwarts (perhaps also Beauxbatons and Durmstang) - could be for various reasons - research for a book on magical education, perhaps the the pros and cons of coed or single sex education - or a teachers manual... probably easiest to make this the notes of any person sitting in on a class at Hogwarts in a professional capacity

135. The form that faculty, staff, and parents of Hogwarts students must sign that relieves Hogwarts of any liability from magical and non magical accidents. (detailing all the known risks!) - Claimed by 1eyedjack (link)

136. ART - an article in Witch Weekly detailing fashion trends: the hits and misses of the year - makes sure it takes into account rock star and such trendy clothing that does not have the same confines in design (such as gravity) as muggle fashion - Claimed by hansbekhart

137. Doodles and notes passed between students - extra points if you make it doodles in library text books passed between students of different generations about teachers, exams, authors of the texts and anything else a student might write (i.e. your mom jokes) - Claimed by super_prat (link)

138. ART - pages from The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle the comic book Ron has in his bedroom at the Burrow

139. Acceptence Speeches for the Order of Merlin, from Dumbledore, to Fudge, to Lockhart - perhaps excerpts from these speeches in an essay about wizarding awards

140. Kinsley Shacklebolt's auror reports during his posting as the Muggle prime minister's secretary

141. Collection of phrases on wizarding tombstones and last words of dying wizards. I'm thinking of books like this or this. - Claimed by manraviel (link)

142. The Wizarding version of the Darwin Awards - Claimed by _grainne_ (link)

143. Third-year student Mundungus Fletcher's essay "A brief history of Knockturn Alley". - Claimed by _redux

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