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June Challenge: All in a Day's Work Claims post

Claims for the June Challenge, All in a Day's Work, are now open!

As always, both members and non-members are welcome to claim prompts. We ask that you please claim only one prompt at a time; however, you may claim as many as you can do over the course of the month. If you wish, you can claim your own prompt.

Each prompt may be claimed only once.

We also invite both members and non-members to submit entries for the challenge that are not based on any of the prompts, if you have an idea that does not appear on the list of claims.

As always, gen stories and artwork of any length, size, rating, genre, and style are welcome. Members: You may post your work at any time according to the posting guidelines. Non-members: Please post your work in your own journal, then comment here or send us an email at omnio_mods @ yahoo.com with a link and we will post a link on the community.

The challenge will end June 30th and a masterlist of entries will be posted July 1st.

The Claims

1. A Hit Wizard's training
2. Ollivander takes on an apprentice
3. A typical day in a Flourish & Blotts clerk's life.
4. The daily life of someone who works in a broomstick-manufacturing company on improving broomsticks.
5. The Quibbler offices, just before a deadline.
6. McGonagall's first day of teaching - Claimed by penknife
7. Obliviator
8. Employee in the Department of Magical Transportation
9. Healer having a bad day
10. A wizarding estate agent - Claimed by paradise_loved

11. The editor of Witch Weekly
12. The Werewolf Capture Unit
13. The Werewolf Registry
14. Werewolf Support Services - Claimed by rian219
15. Hermione is an Unspeakable and discovers something so horrific that she feels it would be wrong to tell anyone else.
16. Bill Weasley's most difficult curse
17. Scrimgeour has an assistant who has a crush on him.
18. A day in the life of a Gringotts Curse Breaker.
19. The Weird Sisters backstage after a show. - Claimed by by_starkiller
20. Editor at Obscurus Books. (Publishers of Fantastic Beasts.)

21. Agony Aunt for Witch Weekly.
22. The Hobgoblins' manager.
23. Private tutor for magical children.
24. Member of the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee.
25. A day in the life of Mafalda Hopkirk of the Improper Use of Magic Office.
26. Arthur Weasley has high hopes of his new job in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.
27. Oliver Wood: failed Quidditch star and embittered coach. - Claimed by adinkra
28. A street vendor observes events in Knockturn Alley.
29. Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster of Hogwarts - any timeframe you like. - Claimed by noticeably
30. Filch's predecessor's reign of terror.

31. A day in the life of a member of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad.
32. Old wizarding families' house-elves.
33. Water-cooler gossip among Dementors at Azkaban. - Claimed by shiv5468
34. Working with Tom Riddle at Borgin & Burkes. - Claimed by hibernater
35. A bartender at a Wizarding pub. - Claimed by furiosity
36. An instructor at Auror training school. - Claimed by eliathanis
37. A Wizarding scientist/alchemist - an inventor of wizarding poisons and their antidotes, for example, or the inventor of Wolfsbane potion.
38. A day in the life of a dragon wrangler.
39. A translator of obscure wizarding documents.
40. Skeeter's scandal cover story of a day in the life of Madam Heidi Fleiss Gyselle, Knockturn Alley. - Claimed by robin777

41. The last day of term, any teacher. (would be interesting to see the event from multiple teachers' eyes) - Claimed by talriga
42. A day in the life of Narcissa Malfoy, housewife. - Claimed by underlucius
43. Whatever the magical equivalent of a coroner would be, doing a canon autopsy (Cedric, Dumbledore...).
44. A field-training exercise for a new Auror (I'm thinking like, there are pop-up man-shaped targets or whatever), complete with non-live ammunition--however that would work, magically.
45. Working on the production line for Droobles.
46. Being the dragon-wrangler on duty the day the eggs hatch.
47. Professional Quidditch referee receiving threats from overzealous fans.
48. Nanny at the Black's, either Sirius, Regulus or Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda
49. Training security trolls
50. Coming up with new flavours for Bertie Botts Beans - Claimed by toujours_rien

51. Tasting the new flavours for Bertie Botts Beans
52. Working in the Muggle Liason Office, having to placate concerned Muggle parents that no, their children are not in mortal danger at school, honest. - Claimed by jenn_calaelen
53. A day at the Wizarding Welfare office - Claimed by gunderpants
54. Mundungus Fletcher's legal aid
55. A meeting in Q.U.A.B.B.L.E., the "Quidditch Union for the Administration and Betterment of the British League and its Endeavors" (can't help thinking 'squabble'... <.<)
56. A case being put before the Wizengamot
57. Dumbledore's work as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards
58. Working at a magical flying carpet factory/workshop in Turkey/Afghanistan/Iran
59. Janitor at the Ministry of Magic
60. Prosecutor for the MLE, preparing for a murder case (during VoldWar 1)

61. The Quidditch journalist for the Daily Prophet covers the league championship match
62. An archivist working in the Ministry archives stumbles across a very interesting document about the young Albus Dumbledore
63. A young trainee Healer's first shift on the St. Mungo's emergency ward
64. Ted Tonks, adventuring disarmer of Dark Magic Artifacts (various). - Claimed by eudaimon
65. A Wizarding Historian researching a book. - Claimed by easleyweasley
66. A newly qualified teacher taking up a post at Hogwarts.
67. An individual who "cleans up" after magic seeps into the wizarding world.
68. A day in the life of Professor Binns
69. A day in the life of Celestina Warbeck
70. Conductor for the Hogwarts Express

71. Maker of magical mirrors (how do those mirrors get their personalities?) - Claimed by thais_m
72. The diary of Sirius's and Regulus's pre-Hogwarts tutor (or Bellatrix's, Andromeda's and Narcissa's pre-Hogwarts governess).
73. A magical barrister trying to appeal a case that's never actually come to trial--Regina (or Ministry of Magic) v. Sirius Black.
74. How the deaths of twelve Muggles and the supposed death of Peter Pettigrew would have been handled by a wizarding crime scene investigation unit--detectives, forensics, and so on.
75. The customer service representative for Bertie Botts' Beans answering letters and complaints about the product. - Claimed by hill_
76. A painter of magical portraits--just how DOES so much of the subject's personality become imbued in the picture? And are the paintings things or beings? - Claimed by virginia_bell
77. An architect or construction worker working on the construction of Hogwarts or Gringott's
78. Family-tree tapestry-makers for officious purebloods - Claimed by such_heights
79. Skele-gro testers
80. First wizard/wizarding family to try an Unplottable spell

81. How does one become a portrait-door for the Hogwarts Houses? Is it a coveted position, or heavily disliked? - Claimed by manraviel
82. Teacher at a dame school (for wizarding children, pre-Hogwarts).
83. Painter of magical pictures.
84. Grammar teacher, House Elf Academy - Claimed by dbassassin
85. Knight Bus driving instructor
86. Any of the textbook writers for the students' book lists.
87. Gilderoy Lockhart's literary agents - Claimed by plumerri
88. MoM clerk dealing with underage magic.
89. MoM IRS accountant
90. Nurse at the 'ye olde witch' retirement home.

91. Wizarding bin men (or women, of course)
92. Potion ingredient preparer (the one who gets the eyes out of the beetles, for instance)
93. Hogwarts Appointments Committee (might as well be a job, they seem to be meeting so often at the moment)
94. Wizarding farmers (or, if they do not exist, wizards who liase with Muggles who grow food)
95. Wizarding art dealer/art - Claimed by nimbus_1944
96. Photographer for the wizarding papers (Rita Skeeter's, for one) - Claimed by alldoubtaboutit
97. A dj/program host on the Wireless
98. Receptionist at St Mungo's
99. The band that opens for the Weird Sisters
100. Match-maker (a yenta, if you will)

101. Madam Malkin's, Gladrags, Twillfit and Tatting's robes designers, seamstresses, or shopgirls
102. Travel agent at Terrortours - Claimed by sirikit
103. Hogwarts Board of Governors meeting (preferrably set after HBP)
104. The school kitchens, after mealtimes
105. Wizarding architects and/or interior designers - Claimed by alexandramuses
106. Staff meetings at St. Mungo's
107. Wizarding garbage collectors (plus points for creative use of the Evanesco spell)
108. Parchment and quill makers
109. The staff of the Magical Menagerie
110. Wizarding Tour Guide

111. A day in the Department of International Relations (preferrably set after OotP, when the Ministry officially acknowledged Voldemort's return)
112. Secretary in the lobby of St. Mungo's (esp. on a particularly stressful day)
113. Ancient Egyptian curse-setter - Claimed by lightpoint
114. Knight Bus driver - Claimed by snorkackcatcher

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