Ani Bester (ani_bester) wrote in omniocular,
Ani Bester

Title: The End
Artist: ani_bester
Rating: G
Character: Remus and Peter
Medium: Watercolor and india ink
Artist's note: First off despite the hug (and my known shipping) no slash our coupling is intended here. Sorry, just this could be seen as ship art so I thought, for this comm, I'd mention that I'm not goobering up again ^^;;

During a battle between the Order and the DE's, Remus notices Peter and it's pretty celar Peter is about three seconds from running because he's terrified. Now this is after Peter has done whatever semi-redeeming thing he's gonna do, but really it hardly makes Peter guilt free. To keep Peter from running, Remus goes over to comfort him, but really, he'd rather have nothing to do with Peter.

Peter asks to be forgiven and Remus says he can't do that, and they both kinda know this is the last time they'll see each other one way or the other. It's the ending to everything that had been between them, was what I was thinking when I drew this

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